Give dignity to Women in Need

We’re happy to let you know ‪#‎replenish‬ is a drop off point for Melbourne Period Project. If you want to get involved buy a pack of tampons or sanitary pads and drop them into us They’ll go to a homeless woman so she can manage her period with dignity. We’d love for you to get […]

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Pay the Farmer Now – or pay the Doctor Later !

We believe good health starts with clean fresh organic produce. Glyn has developed close relationships with many Victorian organic farmers over the last 18 years that he has being getting up at the crack of dawn and going to market. We believe paying the Organic Farmer Now definitely lowers your chance of visiting a Doctor […]

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20% Off Our Lovely Organic Fruit and Vegies

Print this off and receive 20% off your next Organic Fruit and Vegie purchase at replenish.    We really want you to visit us in beautiful Williamstown and feel the Vegie Love.    So come and taste the difference and meet our lovely team of Organic Lovers.
Once voucher per person. Valid until end of May […]

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Where’s the Chocolate Shop Gone ?

A couple of days ago a woman came into our store and said “Where’s the Chocolate Shop gone ?”. I explained to her that the Chocolate Shop (which had been there for over 30 years) had closed because business had become unviable for them. She replied by saying “But I shop there all the time”. […]

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The real drug Issue !

I don’t normally watch Today Tonight but just happened to catch an episode exposing the horrors of addiction to prescription drugs and the real reality that up to half a million Australians are addicted to legal substances. When we think drug abuse we think of illegal drugs such as heroin,marijuana etc. The reality is that […]

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