Roasted Vegie Salad

I love this Roasted Vegie Salad. If your really organised roast the vegies the day before. It only takes a few minutes to throw it all together. The first step is to dice some organic carrots, pumpkin, red onion and potatoes. Crush some fresh garlic and mix all together with a great splash of olive […]

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Pay the Farmer Now – or pay the Doctor Later !

We believe good health starts with clean fresh organic produce. Glyn has developed close relationships with many Victorian organic farmers over the last 18 years that he has being getting up at the crack of dawn and going to market. We believe paying the Organic Farmer Now definitely lowers your chance of visiting a Doctor […]

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20% Off Our Lovely Organic Fruit and Vegies

Print this off and receive 20% off your next Organic Fruit and Vegie purchase at replenish.    We really want you to visit us in beautiful Williamstown and feel the Vegie Love.    So come and taste the difference and meet our lovely team of Organic Lovers.
Once voucher per person. Valid until end of May […]

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“Is there Chicken Stock in that Vegetarian Risotto?”

Well here goes – Our very first blog for our shiny new website. The first thing I’ll be blogging about is the explosion of interest in raw foods and vegetarian/vegan eating. My personal love of a vegetarian lifestyle started when I was 17 after reading a book on animal welfare. This book changed my world and thirty years later I’m still a Veggie despite my Mother thinking it was just a phase I was going through. My initial motivation for going veg was ethical, and this still stands true, but just as importantly I believe a plant based diet is the key to high energy levels and disease prevention. This lifestyle works for me and more and more medical research is supporting this. In the last 5 years I have embraced raw foods and switched more and more to a Vegan diet. […]

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