The real drug Issue !

//The real drug Issue !

The real drug Issue !

I don’t normally watch Today Tonight but just happened to catch an episode exposing the horrors of addiction to prescription drugs and the real reality that up to half a million Australians are addicted to legal substances. When we think drug abuse we think of illegal drugs such as heroin,marijuana etc. The reality is that an estimated 82% of Australians who overdosed last year overdosed on prescription drugs. Yep 82% !!!! If you visit your Doctor in the future and prescription drugs are prescribed please ask your Doctor of the possible side affects and if there are any natural alternatives. There is an advertising culture that supports this pathway. It horrifies me to see touchy feeling advertising of Mothers pushing pain relief for their babies whilst their babies are wearing amber teething necklaces. Giving serious medication to your baby has risks – As per the Better Health Website ….”Giving more than the recommended dose may make side effects more likely or more severe, and can be dangerous. For example, giving too much paracetamol can cause liver damage, while too much ibuprofen may increase the risk of stomach problems”. Prescription drugs have side affects -if you must use them follow the dosages extremely carefully and try wherever possible to manage your health issues naturally or with minimal intervention. Pharmaceutical drugs have their place, but overuse can be deadly. So next time you think of drug addicts forget the grungy media image and remember they only made up 18% of the overdoses last year. Pretty scary statistics.

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