Where’s the Chocolate Shop Gone ?

//Where’s the Chocolate Shop Gone ?

Where’s the Chocolate Shop Gone ?

A couple of days ago a woman came into our store and said “Where’s the Chocolate Shop gone ?”. I explained to her that the Chocolate Shop (which had been there for over 30 years) had closed because business had become unviable for them. She replied by saying “But I shop there all the time”. I paused and looked at her and said “but it’s been closed for 5 months”. Clearly this lady doesn’t shop there all the time or she would have known 5 months ago. She was really upset and disappointed the business had closed. The moral of the story is that if you want your local specialty stores to survive you have to support them on a regular basis. Our world is one of speed and convenience. It is clearly more time efficient to buy your goods from one multinational. The reality is that if you want choices in the market place you have to spread your buying dollar around. Sometimes you might even pay a little more but by doing this you will ensure your shopping choices in the future. Strip street shopping is part of our heritage and tradition in Williamstown. Just know when you shop local it is much appreciated by your local trader. We appreciate it every day at replenish. JO xxx 

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