Lovely Hypericum

//Lovely Hypericum

Lovely Hypericum

Lovely Hypericum is such a sunny flower. It not only looks cheery but it has happiness superpowers. It is also known as St Johns Wort and has been used for centuries for the relief of mild anxiety and depression. We sell it in tea form, in liquid form and in tablet form. Clearly, if you are feeling really down you need to speak to a professional or share the load with a friend. It is also an amazing remedy if you have suffered from shingles as it helps with the repair of nerve endings. Please pop in and speak to one of our replenish senior team members if you think St Johns Wort might be a remedy for you

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Jo has co-owned replenish for over 23 years and has qualifications in business, counselling and community services. Jo is passionate about local communities having access to organic food and alternative health products.

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