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Our bulk food section grows every week. If you can’t find the bulk foods you’re looking for online give us a call on 93977363.

  • Buy your biodynamic oats in bulk. Biodynamic rolled oats are made by removing husks from the oat grain, then being slightly steamed and flattened.  Australian Biodynamic oats make perfect porridge which will keep your energy levels steady so your body is satisfied for longer and will provide  you with a boost of manganese, phosphorus, zinc, fibre. Make your own muesli or anzac biscuits.  High in vitamin B to keep you going.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt contains 84 Trace elements and minerals that naturally occur in the earth. Himalayan Pink Salt balance electrolytes, support nutrient absorption, help eliminate toxins, balance the body’s pH, regulate body water levels, reduce cramps, normalize blood pressure, increase circulation and conductivity, and increase energy so you feel and look younger. Himalayan Pink Salt can also assist with relief from arthritis, skin rashes, psoriasis, herpes, and flu and fever symptoms.  Use it in cooking or perfect for a long soak in the bath.
  • Bulk organic Cacao nibs are essentially unprocessed chocolate. You can eat them "as they are, ground up or add to coffee, desserts, cereals or smoothies. Suitable for a raw food diet. Buy in buk and save. Organic Cacao Nibs are made from crushed cacao beans. These nibs are pure, unprocessed and unsweetened chocolate in its finest form! Brimming with antioxidants, cacao nibs are delicious on their own, as a part of a trail mix, or added to cookies, cakes, smoothies and dairy-free ice cream as a natural sugar-free alternative to chocolate chips! No GMO. No added sugar or preservatives
  • Organic coconut shreds retain all the natural flavour and aroma of the coconut meat as it is simply dried and shredded, without the use of sweeteners or preservatives. Our coconut is preservative-free, sulphur-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, high in fibre and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Coconut is also a rich source of lauric acid, which is both antifungal and antimicrobial. Use organic coconut shreds to contribute a warm, sweet flavour to anything from a stir fry to a banana cake. These shreds are also popular in cereals, muesli and baking. Organic farming uses the best of traditional agriculture and responsiveness to the land to create biodiversity and environmental balance; a sustainable approach free from artificial intervention.