Hawaiin Pacifica Organic Spirulina – 200 tab

//Hawaiin Pacifica Organic Spirulina – 200 tab

Hawaiin Pacifica Organic Spirulina – 200 tab


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Hawaiin Pacifica


Hawaiian Pacifica is the only Spirulina in the World that adds pure, mineral rich, Deep Ocean Water from 2000 feet below the Pacific containing a unique array of 94 trace elements  – this valuable feature alone makes Hawaiian Pacifica the most complete and beneficial Spirulina available.  Nutrient Rich Superfood Health Practitioners and Nutritionists recommend we eat five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day. In real life, this does not often happen, but Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina can fill the gaps by supplying more concentrated vegetable nutrition than any other known food.  A perfect supplement for vegetarians, athletes and pregnant women.  Love this product !

200 tab

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