We’re Growing !

We’re Growing !

Just to let you know that we will be expanding our online organic shopping cart every week with your favourite organic and wholefood products.  We’d love to see you instore but if you can’t get in, please support us and shop online.    Send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or email us to let us know what you’d like to see on the shopping cart.   Don’t forget our weekly “Organic Box of the Week” on the drop-down menu “Specials” under “Shop”.  You get a beautiful hand-picked $60 organic fruit and veggie box bursting with fresh produce for only $50.  If you live locally, use the promotional code “LOCAL” and we won’t charge you a delivery fee.  You can also add in bulk foods, whole foods, vitamins, organic bread, organic cheese, organic meat, vegan cheese, kombucha or anything else you like. Give us a call on 93977363 if you can’t see what you want on the shopping cart.

Just remember that you are supporting a small local business when you shop at replenish. We’re not a big player, we employ locals and the store has been here since 1973. So jump on board and support our local family-owned Williamstown business.

About the Author:

Jo has co-owned replenish for over 23 years and has qualifications in business, counselling and community services. Jo is passionate about local communities having access to organic food and alternative health products.

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