Yoga Gratitude

//Yoga Gratitude

Yoga Gratitude

Today is International Yoga Day my friends. I didn’t actually know this until I rocked up to a 9.30am class at @yoga213. The lovely Alex shared the news and whist we were all lying still she asked us to reflect on our practice, our memories of yoga and what it meant to us. Lordy lordy. I hadn’t really analysed yoga’s place in my life. I have dropped in and out of yoga for over 30 years. Memories and tears came flowing. I thought of my first yoga class in a cold hall in North Essendon when I was 16. I thought of pre natal yoga with the lovely Jodi when sciatica was making the joy of pregnancy challenging. I thought of the months of bikrum yoga when I was at breaking point, stretched to the limit with business commitments and broken hearted because my father was unwell. I really think at that time it saved my sanity. I thought of beautiful outdoor classes in Williamstown with the ever zen Susanne @femininespirit . I thought of the beautiful raw vegan yoga retreat in Bali with my beautiful sister Michele and dear friend Jan. We would sneak out and drink mojitas every afternoon. I think of all the beautiful women and yoga teachers I have had the pleasure of knowing and practising with. My practice is inconsistant and at the moment my flexibility and skill base is low. But that is the true beauty of yoga. Your practice is your practice and the only judgement on the mat comes from within. Something I’m pleased to say I let go of years ago. So Alex thank you for the opportunity to refect today and thank you to everybody who has helped me along my inconsistent pathway #namaste #williamstownyoga #yoga #seeyouonthemat

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