Spoil the Vegan in your Life with Vego Chocolate

We have had so many customers asking us to supply this vegan chockie we thought we better check it out. Well forget nutella – The Vego bar is possibly one of the tastiest vegan chocolate bars in the world. Organic, Fair trade and Gluten-Free, it is made of the finest chocolate with hazelnut paste added in, resulting in a smooth and creamy chocolate, and generously packed with whole hazelnuts. Can’t believe it’s vegan – it’s#amazeballs   #vegan   #fairtrade   #glutenfree   #williamstown   #organicstore   #healthfoodstore   #yum

Kombucha, Kombucha, Kombucha 

What’s Hot Right Now !  Kombucha, Kombucha and more Kombucha… We stock Remedy Kombucha that you can grab and go from the fridge.  If you’re really serious we are super excited to offer you Grateful Harvest Kombucha on tap. You can enjoy a shot in store or fill up a refillable bottle and take it home.  We always have the ever popular Original and Ginger available and right now we are offering a new flavour Apple and Cardamon.   This stuff is bursting with gut friendly probiotics and tastes delicious.

Guaranteed ! We only stock Certified Organic Fruit & Vegies

We have been stocking certified organic fruit and vegies at replenish for over 18 years.  We are passionate about local people being able to access quality organic produce locally.  We have long standing relationships with local Victorian grower and we only stock Australian produce.   We are always mindful of food miles and Glyn who is our Organic Buyer is super fussy about quality.  Come and check us out – if you’ve got a loyalty card you get 20% of your fresh organic fruit and veg every Sunday.

Food Sensitivity Testing 

If you suffer from ongoing health issues a food sensitivity test may help you identify what to avoid so that your health may start to return to normal. Testing is safe, painless, without the use of needles, and suitable for all ages from 6 months onwards.  During the 1 hour assessment over 140 different potential sensitivity and intolerance triggers are tested. It is an effective way of identifying food and environmental triggers quickly and efficiently. Appointments are available at the replenish store and other locations throughout Melbourne.  Call us on 93977363 to make an appointment.