If your pissed off with Coles and Woolies #supportaussiefarmers

//If your pissed off with Coles and Woolies #supportaussiefarmers

If your pissed off with Coles and Woolies #supportaussiefarmers

This madness has to stop Coles. This is at the very core of the misery being felt by so many farmers. Please support us so we can #supportaussiefarmers. We work with real farmers and pay them real prices so they can sustain their businesses. Yes – you will have to pay more when you shop with us. We can’t and don’t want to compete with what the majors are doing. Remember when you #supportlocal #shoplocal you are also supporting #smallbusiness and #aussiefarmers We just got a deliveries from #baramabah and #hownowdairy Quality producers, divine products. Order a 4 week Organic Aussie Farmer Box if you want to help us support Aussie Farmers.


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Jo has co-owned replenish for over 23 years and has qualifications in business, counselling and community services. Jo is passionate about local communities having access to organic food and alternative health products.

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