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Replenish provides our services to you on the following terms and conditions. By placing an order you agree to be bound by those terms and conditions and all of the policies incorporated by reference (policies).

These terms and conditions together with the Policies constitute the entire agreement between Replenish and the user.You have familiarised yourself with our Returns Policy and Delivery Information.You have read and understood the Disclaimer.All prices quoted on the site are inclusive of Australian Goods and Services Tax (where applicable).The site or any portion of the site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose that is not expressly permitted by Replenish. Replenish reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts or cancel orders at its discretion.The site may only be used for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner. When ordering from replenish you are the purchaser of the goods and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to investigate and ensure that you can lawfully purchase the goods you order.

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