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Organic Fruit and Veggies (Guaranteed Certified)

We have been stocking organics for over 20 years and are really passionate about local people being able to access organics in their local area. We are always mindful of food miles and Glyn (our buyer/owner) is super fussy about quality. If it’s not good enough for his family, it’s not good enough for yours. Glyn has long standing relationships with local Victorian grower and we only stock Australian produce. If you’ve got a loyalty card you get 20% of your fresh organic fruit and veg every Sunday. We absolutely guarantee our produce is certified organic. You really can taste the difference.

Not just Wholefoods

We don’t just sell organic grocery and fruit/veggies. We have one of the largest ranges in the Western Suburbs and the shelves are full of vitamins, protein powders, bulk foods, skincare, cleaning products, aromatherapy, natural skincare and lots, lots more. Don’t forget the kombucha on tap and the yummy raw, vegan cakes in the fridge. Something for everybody.

So many choices – vegan, raw, fermented, dairy free, paleo, keto !

The world is a wonderful diverse place and we respect everybody’s food choices. If you have a preference we probably have some goodies that you would love. For vegans/vegetarians we have a large range of dairy free cheeses, cakes, nut milks, coconut yoghurts and ice-cream. We are loaded with kombucha, kimchi and sauerkrauts for gut lovers. For the paleo and keto followers we stock paleo bread, organic eggs, organic cheese and meat. There is something for everybody.

Some More About Us

Bulk foods (towards zero waste)

Replenish started off as a bulk food store in 1973 and we’re getting back to our grass roots. We are expanding our bulk food range and you’ll find new lines every week. Replenish has been a plastic bag free store since 1996 and we encourage a zero waste mindset, so please bring your own containers and carry bags when you visit us. Let’s save the world together.

So much to choose from (some of our brands)

Here’s just a few of our favourites : Fusion Orientals, Herbs of Gold, Remedy Kombucha, Grateful Harvest, Spiral Foods, Pana Chocolate, Lotus, Thompsons, Brokenhead Raw Cakes, Fee in the Raw Cakes, Ethical Nutrients, Amazonia Raw, Planet Organic Teas, Clipper Teas, Aromae Aromatherapy, The Jojoba Company, Moo Goo, Natures Quest, Barambah Dairy, Nutty Bruce, Organic Indulgence, 2die4 activated nuts, Healthy Bake, Kehoes, Wuppertaler Bread, Absolute Organics, Braggs, Abode, Eco Farms, Naturis Bread. We are constantly on the lookout for new products!

We know our stuff – qualified advice

We’ve been around a long time and we really pride ourselves on giving expert advice and friendly customer service. It can be really overwhelming to sift through all the information that we get exposed to through the media. So, if you’re confused, you will find qualified naturopaths and nutritionists who are passionate about what they do and sharing their knowledge.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Are you sick of feeling not quite right? If you suffer from bloating, hay fever, thrush, eczema or weight gain then a Food Sensitivity Test may help. Testing is painless and in a one hour consultation over 140 potential sensitivity and intolerance triggers are tested for. Appointments are available at replenish and other locations throughout Melbourne. Please call on 93977363 to make an appointment or for enquiries call 0407356384.

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