M & P Vital Pea Protein Unflavoured – 1kg

//M & P Vital Pea Protein Unflavoured – 1kg

M & P Vital Pea Protein Unflavoured – 1kg


We just can’t keep this product on the shelf it sells so quick !  Vital Protein powder is extracted from superior European grown Golden Peas using a patented enzyme process that isolates out an amazing 88% protein content.  As an isolate it contains three times the protein of ordinary pea powder.   This makes it an ideal source of protein and valuable amino acids, and highly suitable for vegetarians and vegans and those seeking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Exceptionally low in carbohydrates, Vital Protein has natural flavouring ensuring a smooth and great taste. Vital Protein is versatile and delicious in hot or cold drinks, smoothies, baked in cakes etc  All natural, alkaline, with no artificial colourings or additives, Vital Protein is a perfect nutritional companion to Vital Greens.  Vital Protein is the highest concentration of vegetable plant protein available, a superior golden pea protein isolate.



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