We have stock & thank you for minding your manners

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We have stock & thank you for minding your manners

Hi everybody. We’re open as usual but want to remind everybody to share the love and look after the vulnerable around them. We’ve been slammed this week and busily ordering and restocking. We have plenty of stock but be aware that we are asking everybody to buy what they need and not stockpile. We want to make sure all our customers have access to what’s available. It is not in the best interests of our community for anybody to buy excessive amounts of staples. Please stay calm, shop local and be kind to one another. Once all the madness dies down we won’t be refunding or crediting for overbuying. Pasta, canned goods, frozen goods and other lines are restricted to two items per line. I don’t have to explain this to the great majority of our loyal customer base, they already sit with this mindset, which is why we value them so much.

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Jo has co-owned replenish for over 23 years and has qualifications in business, counselling and community services. Jo is passionate about local communities having access to organic food and alternative health products.

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